New Rumble app - Testers needed!!!

Hi Viviana,

Now that the app is live in the app store the developers have put certain restrictions on it, such as geographical in this case. There's nothing we can do at this time, but if the list of countries where the app is available grows we will notify the community.
Thank you so much Mario! But is working in Europe?
And if yes, in which countries?


Aplikacja działa już w naszym kraju. W tej chwili nie widzę w tej aplikacji nic nadzwyczajnego, czego nie mógłbym zrobić za pomocą przeglądarki Chrome. Unless not every option is available in my country ?


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Thank you so much Mario! But is working in Europe?
And if yes, in which countries?
It's in these countries:

Canada, USA, Ireland, Austria, Australia, UK, Germany, Japan, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Macedonia, New Zealand, Norway, Serbia, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland


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Hello Rumblers,

We are looking for 10 creators with android phones to test our new app. If you’re are interested, please reply to this thread.

This is a paid test for Rumble’s new features and you will see your earnings reflect in your dashboard daily.

We won’t share many details because we want to see what you guys feel after first impressions, and share how a new user would interact with the app.

We do ask you that if you’re chosen, to please keep it confidential and don’t share the features of the app until they become public. We are hoping for an early January start of the test, and mid January full release.

We will make a choice on Monday and you will receive an invitation to download the app, soon after.

Remember, daily cash prizes (minimum $5) will be given as a thank you for your support.

Any questions, suggestions or doubts please email with the title “NEW APP TESTING”



You can download the app here:

This is open to EVERYONE right now, so anyone can click on that link to download or even search it in the Google Play Store by searching for "Rumble Battles"
I'm intrested