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Hi I’m a big fan of rumble. If you’re just starting out my advice is to be patient regarding how soon Monetization Sucesss with occur, but if you stay active and post as often as possibles, eventually you will start having monetary gain. Plus the community will start to know you and that’s cool too 😂 - Stella
Thanks I have alot of videos which I am in the process of putting on this site. I notice animal videos do really well on here.


I've been on Rumble for a few months now & found it fun, educational and a really great place to be involved with the community sharing with like minded folk. It also makes me smile & laugh 😄, which for me personally ticks a massive box helping me recover from quite a serious illness. Don't focus on the ' leaderboard ' as a measure of validation as it varies massively on numbers and users dominating things sometimes .. you could work hours and hours on a video and have little response, then upload 6 seconds of something you would almost dismiss to find in in the top 10 😃
My limited advice from my experience so far is to create and upload much, listen to advice, watch what works, be involved with the community.... Dont SPAM and ... make sure its YOUR content..Have Fun all


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Hello everyone, my name channel is Dereklychee. I'm new here and just registered a rumble account. I joined this site to share video to communities and hope to earn money from there. My channel will provide what I record while traveling, working, skill...etc. Wishing the rumble website and all participants success!