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Hello Mario, My videos are still pending. Can you please update it ASAP

Good question ubby, you can find the questions to your Rumble answers here

Good to have you on Rumble, you're not alone as a new member,

Foremost, check your email daily and click the links sent in the email from Rumble.

The Rumble community forums are the best place to find the questions you might be looking for.
You'll see the 3 horizontal lines on the left side top. Click that, find "community" for later use, or click the link to the left to go there now.

Before you post your question, scroll down the list to see if perhaps it's already been posted.
Many times you'll find your answers in the list.

One of the first things you'll want to do is >>>> set up your profile on Rumble <<<< so people can see who you are.

Your profile is an important part of your business. Click that link and upload your profile photo so people will know who they're doing business with.

Enjoy the video variety and if you appreciate something, be sure to let the person know somehow.

Again, it's good to have you on the site, feel free to follow along with my new adventures on Rumble. :)

I'll be looking forward to seeing what your videos will be about,

Uploads to come when I reach 100 followers
On the community


OFFTopic ..

Just curious, are all the videos your own creations from footage recorded by you or given permission to use?
This one make think... .. or given permission to use... how someone can prove that ... I mean.. I know that it could be 1 in million,for smallfish like many in Rumble.. but if someone said that the video belongs him... I have no idea how he can prove, of course some videos we can smell on first view that probably that kind of videos does not belong a new member.. but, if some arrive here and said that "chubby kitty" video was not recorded by you? how Rumble act on thiskind of situation?

I need a reply ASAP.. I posted it 15 seconds ago (*ironic)