New here at Rumble, sent by DanBongino!


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Hi, I am New to Rumble, Heard about it from Devin Nunes & Dan Bongino! Having trouble figuring out how it works, it is awfully confusing. What happened with the “user friendly” (UA) testing results? fail or pass? I say, fail.


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1. Twitter N.O.C.: 10 monkeys trying to f*ck a football while working on their computers with "Bob the Builder" tool sets.
2. Main Stream Media is 97% left wing propaganda and I absolutely refuse to pay anyone for it.
2a. Tucker Carlson may be able to salvage Fox News, We'll see.
3. My avatar is from my twitter accnt. (No offense is intended, But I like it.)
4. I really hope Rumble is just the beginning and stomps twitter's dying carcass into the ground.
5. I hope Don B. is doing well.
5.a. A little bummed that a "First Post Award" apparently doesn't involve cash in any way, But WTH: Thank You !
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I'm also new. Never was on Twitter so they didn't get to kick me off.
Not being there being the only reason they didn't. If your Mommy's a commie ya gotta turn her in!
Think that would do it?