New Cashout Method added to Rumble: Payoneer


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Hello Rumblers,

We have good news for our Rumble creators who live in countries where PayPal is not available as a payment method. You can now cash out via Payoneer, which offers you multiple ways to get paid with the same benefits and security of PayPal.

You can set your Rumble account to cash out via PayPal or Payoneer under payment in your profile settings. As a reminder, you still need a minimum of $50 dollars finalized earnings in your account before you can initiate a cashout request.
I just added my Payoneer account and made my first cash out. I received an e-mail telling me I'll recieve my money on PayPal?! I hope that's just old e-mail notification and you still haven't changed it...


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Thank you @Mario. I decided to give Payoneer a miss after all, after reading the reviews and lots of people lost their money. Anybody else got any experience with Payoneer? Its a shame really, because I really liked their concept.