My Videos Were Rumbling but now they are Pending again.


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I'm curious why my videos are back to pending again? They were rumbling but then I received an email from Elena for more info on one of the videos for verification of ownership and copyright, so I edited the description of that "one" video and after saving the info now all my videos are pending. Can anyone shed some light, is it because I edited the description?


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The verification email is standard for new accounts. It won't happen for all videos.
Congrats on the approvals!
Have a look at the longer descriptions in some of the other videos on here. Those help Rumble market your video and increase your chance at the big promotion that earns you more money ;)


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Nevermind, they were approved for limited distribution. It was just uncanny timing.
Limited is better than not. Best is to try for full profit sharing status of course to make more money. The full approvals get put on the rumble viral channel as well as get "sold" to other third party channels like Google, etc. As Dave mentioned, longer descriptions help it seems. Minimum 300 words. This seems like a lot, but the more you write over time, it gets easier. Keep working at it.