My videos are gone from my account.

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Almost all my videos disappeared from my account here at rumble
I had more than 100 videos and now I only have 25 videos :(

And they're all on my youtube account with Rumble's claim copyright
"Conteúdo visual
0:02 - 1:11 reproduzir correspondência
Rumble Inc.
Receita gerada pelo proprietário dos direitos autorais
Enviar uma disputa "

All videos are on my channel on youtube and were acclaimed by rumble.
I missed monetizing them on YouTube because of the rights to the videos I had assigned to rumble ;(
Yes, that is normal, an it is how Rumble works. However, you won't miss any earnings on them, because now Rumble manages them, and you will get 90% of the revenue generated trough Rumble on Youtube.
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