My video was rejected !

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I uploaded my very first video on rumble and it was rejected.
I have spent more than $4000 to setup my studio, and the video was rejected without any information.

I have received no mails from Rumble as to why was the video rejected.
I have made a video on kinetic sand which are very popular across youtube right now, and have also found similar videos on rumble and Rumble Youtube channel have more than 2.5 million views.

Please explain as to why was the video rejected !
Thank you Mario for the reply.

But Please let me know as to why the video was rejected.
This is an original content. and this kind of videos are viral too.


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Rejections and approvals are done by our editorial team, support will be happy to forward your request once we receive your email.

Please note that the forum is aimed at helping users talk to each other with broad questions that affect everyone, this is an individual request unique to your account therefore it needs to emailed.
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