My video uploaded to youtube by Rumble without permission

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This is the second time this has happened to me and also to some others on here like @nademedeiros. I have uploaded a video to Rumble and received this email.

Congratulations, your content "Creative dad builds hockey stick 'stilts' for daughter" has been approved for Limited Distribution. This means your video will be managed exclusively across all video platforms, but we can not guarantee distribution to top tier partners.

If you wish to accept Limited Distribution management by Rumble, please follow the link below within 30 days:
If you do not wish to accept this, please disregard this email, and Rumble will take no action on your video.

So I chose to do nothing and never clicked the link yet Rumble uploaded it to youtube just the same where is has gone viral with almost 2 million hits so far. @chrisrumble can you please tell me why. I am happy that it received all those views but it would have benefitted me way more to have put it on my own youtube channel.
Why? some of you may ask. For one it would have gone viral on my own channel as well and many would have seen my other videos in the side bar and watched those as well. Possibly also leading to some boomerang sales. Second is I would have received all the money from monetization. Not that I don't like to share but the video was used without permission.
There is no need to make any changes at this point but I do want to know if there is a chance of this happening again when uploading to Rumble.


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@chrisrumble I deleted my video from Rumble when I got the email, and after talking to Support, my video was finally deleted from Rumble's Youtube channel, BUT there's still a message on my video saying "Includes copyrighted content", even though the video was removed a week ago!
Here's the link to the video on my channel:


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I emailed Support again, yesterday, and was told that the claim had been removed, but it still said "Includes copyrighted content" on my video, so today I deleted it and re-uploaded it and it's all good, @boomerangsbyVic.
@chrisrumble I posted the 2 videos as you requested but still waiting to hear back on the "why this happened and will it happen again"? Also what is happening to the money it is making? Does Rumble really plan on keeping all of it even though the video is not theirs. Shouldn't this be considered copyright? It's now over 2 million views. This same thing happened to me in the past if you remember when a "rejected video" was used without my knowledge. Rumble made good on that one but for some reason I am being ignored with this very similar problem.
Can you enlighten the rest of us who are interested in this thread? Was it because Rumble hadn't removed the licensing or was it becauseYoutube hadn't updated the info?
@PAULAFRENCHP Some sort of glitch caused their system to automatically add my video to Rumles youtube channel. It has been removed since and I am suppose to be paid for the 2 million views it received. Payments came out yesterday and it was not their so looks like the problem is still on going for now. I'll keep you posted.
@boomerangsbyVic I just want to remember you that the payments from yesterday were for march, taking in consideration that your video was uploaded 4 weeks ago, it could easily be that your payment will come first next month. ;)
@cseh_17 I do realize this and had to point it out to the person at Rumble helping me out. He thought It would be a March payment so I let him know it was uploaded on the last day of March and most all views came in for April. No rush on the payment and happy they contacted me to work it out.
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