My God is there no way to get help?


New member
I have searched and searched and searched for any kind of help feature with this website. All I want to do is shut off the auto play after every video I want to watch. But even searching for help does not get you help. And every once in awhile I wind up somewhere asking me if I want to go back to when I never left. WTF. This site is like hiring 12 different crews to build 12 different parts of a house without a common plan and then trying to put it all together. It is ridiculous! I'm within seconds of giving up and never coming back. If you try to post a video it gives you four different options of different types of agreements without telling you what those are. If you try to watch a video you are forced into a stream of videos that lead somewhere that you may not want to go. It's as if they just don't understand the word simplicity.