My First Payday from Rumble


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I've been on rumble 10 weeks, I uploaded a few Videos and waited, I just got paid for the first few Videos! I stopped uploading because a bunch of guys were complaining about non payment. Ill be back to work tomorrow!

Heres what I did, I make my own content videos (No animals or kids), I upload them and let them Rumble for a day. If they don't take the video I take it down and upload a different set of videos until they buy something.

I basically "Pitch" them different videos by uploading and if they say no, LOL I keep pitching. Upload original and entertaining content and something that may be trending. Just because someone else did it doesn't mean you cant, just do it "YOUR WAY".

I got my deposit email earlier in the week but I waited until last friday to hit the Payout button and 7 days later, they Paid me. Rumble is an Honest company so far. They need some serious REAL customer service agents, and perhaps get someone to develop a "HOW IT WORKS VIDEO", Chris Ill be happy to produce one for you.

They are clearly going through growing pains. Search the forums for answers, and watch lots of Videos for inspiration.

Good luck to you ... oh .. heres the payment proof


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I'm surprised by how well this pays. I did well enough since February for a family holiday in Belize. It's absolutely the real deal!


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@DavidMcNab My Videos did EXTREMELY well. Im waiting on the 3rd party results now, Im wrapping up some other business and going to ramp up production in a few days. I think Rumble is on to a GREAT start, Im hoping they get a few rounds of investors to come in and push them a bit.


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That's good news Monkeybusiness.
I found third party MSN views all jumped on videos that reached about six months old. Payment was about 3-4 weeks behind the jump. Then the AOL and Yahoo views did the same, but a month or two later. I'm hoping there will be another payment as a result. If so, third party payments have come in two parts for each video.
My only regret is not uploading more videos earlier.


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The view count should also be updated regularly specially for the videos on YouTube. I have a video on YouTube which shows 800 or 900 views but view count on rumble is like 22k for YouTube.


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When I first started uploading, I received offers for my videos. I was paid $150 for one of them. Now that never happens. The approve them but give no guarantee that they will be used. I also don't see a way to "take down" videos as the op suggests.


The upfront payment system doesn't exist anymore.
Once a video gets sold, there is no way to take it down.


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can someone explain how the estimated earning works plz. is it showing what i earned after 60% for rumble or it is included with rumble % and will be calculated in finalized earnings? also my video on yotube shows estimated 800k views and on estimated earnings it shows only $93, i know YT pays me about $3 CPM and it should be way mlre then $93. thanks im new here


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Estimated earnings shows your rumble income at 60%. Look at the graph to see your YouYube income. That shows at 100% so you need to deduct 10% yourself to find the total figure for YouTube. Also, sometimes there is a delay so I would expect you would make more than $93 for 800,000 as long as those views were while on Rumble. Hope this helps!