Money per views (How is your video performing on the different platforms?)

What's the most "rumble" views anyone here has received? My latest sold video is doing better than my top video in terms of "rumble" views @9k+ How have your videos done in terms of Rumble views?
A video is sold to a specific page (AOL,Yahoo,Microsoft) if you have a link directly from your counter. In my case is 50-50 with Microsoft, 75% Yahoo and 100% AOL.
As Rumble views (views directly from Rumble) I have one with 1K+, and other Rumble views (Yahoo.. etc) none of my videos hit that 100k.
I was just thinking today... We know that our videos are on YT,MSN,Yahoo and AOL, but did somebody actually saw her/his video on the other platforms that are advertised? I mean: The Sun, Discovery, XBOX?
I think Xbox falls under the Microsoft tab. I myself haven't seen anything on Xbox Live though. I found one of my videos spreading through a Japanese website.
I've found my video all over the place. The day that Rumble bought it, it first seemed to show up on countless newspaper websites across the country. From there it was picked up by lots of other big sites such as and shared on a lot of those big Facebook pages with millions of followers.
My video has a few very unique keywords so it's really easy for me to search google and see where it's been shared in the past day, week, month.
@RCCR1987 There is no easy way to guess unfortunately. There are a lot of variables. It all comes down to how many people click adds while watching your video. But to give you a ballpark estimate based on my experience. A million views can generate anywhere from a couple hundred to around a thousand dollars. I had one video that averaged about $300 for a million views. So my guess for the numbers you've posted are $50-$200 total. As for how long it takes for payment, expect to wait 3-4 months.
Anyway! The video that you mentioned got only limited. In this case the YT views should be payed out the next month.

But then again, if your video was already posted on YT before you uploaded it to Rumble, and you had a number of views, this views will get counted on Rumble too, but you won't get payed for them, because they were not generated under the Rumble administration.
Ok, I will try to explain it again!

Your video got limited. Here is a link to the Rumble YT upload:
As you can see it only has 99 views, which means that your video was already before on YT, that's where the 4mil. views are from. So you can hope for 0.10$ in best case. Sorry!
But don't be disappointed, you probably will get the money for the 4mil views trough AdSense, if your video was monetized.
I had this video on my youtube channel but has only 55 views, the rumble of the channel only has 99 views. I can not understand with me appears more than 4 million views on youtube.