Money per views (How is your video performing on the different platforms?)


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Can you guys tell me if there's a average money gain per video views? Or something like that? I mean, in profit sharing option.


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It all depends on where the video is placed. The frequency of the views etc. There is no constant average. I have a video on 7.5m views. The initial few days on YouTube was $500 a day. This then drops off per day depending on how many views you get.

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I had a video that got 1.4 million views alone on Yahoo in August 2014. I've only received about $600 for it... so far at least. Maybe more will come later on? I hope so.
Hello, this is the response from the main man Chris, "Payments should of gone out, if not, there might be a delay on the Paypal transfer, but I will double check on Monday." He also said they don't work on the Weekends, which is odd with this type of business.


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I have a video that is at 2800 views. It's been like that for two weeks. Does that mean its not being viewed anymore or it will update at a later time?


It's limited distribution, so I would say, after 2 weeks, that's that. I don't think it would make much more.
On my best video I made about $300 per million views, average. This is just for Youtube as I am still waiting for the bulk of the partner profits to come in. Another video, which was very short got over 500,000 YT views and made just $42. Usually, longer videos make a bit more CPM because the viewer has more of an opportunity to click on an add. Shorter videos, like the two I mention here (only 22sec, and 14sec respectively) typically don't generate the best money. But it's still awesome to see them go viral!
@brenmichelle It's not a rule, as their are exceptions I'm sure. It also can be a catch 22, here's what I mean.

A short video may not make more money but it may get many more views since it's length is more easily viewed and shared when it goes viral. Take a 15 second video for example. Most people are willing to sacrifice 15 seconds of their day to watch a video, even if it turns out to be not so great. It's so short that they typically watch it all and move on. But they probably won't have time to look at adds and click on them etc.

A longer video (let's say 2 minutes) will typically have a much higher CPM because viewers are engaged longer and have more opprotunity to see adds. But the catch is that people, when they see a 2 min video may not watch it, or may skim through it, or worse stop watching it in the middle and leave.

It's a delicate and all but impossible to predict balancing act between entertaining content, length, and luck.


And just don't forget the country in which the video goes viral. I've done YT monetizing since a while now, and I can say to you, that country plays a big role.
Let's be honest, most videos go viral in the USA, and that's just fine so, because, they are the biggest consumer of online ADS. But in my case, Germany, is more lower in YT rank. If for example, one of my videos would go viral in Germany, I probably would get 150-200$ for one million views (it's an average number). But on the other side, if the same video would go viral in USA, I would get the higher end, 300-400$.

And then, there are the non AdSense countrys...

Anyways, it's more like a lottery, and there is no success recipe. You have to try many things, and just find the one that suits you the most.
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Here's a question. Any one have any idea how much Rumble views are worth? By "Rumble views" I mean from sites that use rumble as the source for the video (as apposed to Yahoo, AOL, MSN, YT which use their own uploaded file). For example:

I'm sure it's relative depending on the video length and content and clicks etc. But I want to know if anyone has some experience specifically with Rumble views and payouts.




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No I don't, but I am wondering if little things is owned or affiliated with AOL and the revenue gets lumped in with that transaction?


I just thought about this topic these days, and I must say, that I have a theory, but it can easily be wrong. But here it is:

I got 4 videos with full distribution, and for 2 of them I received the payments. The first one, was sold only on YT, Microsoft and AOL, and did 70k on Microsoft, 800 on AOL, and 1.5K on YT. In this case Microsoft generated from far the biggest revenue .
On the other hand, the second video got also sold on Yahoo, where it did 34k, but only 2k on Microsoft, and again almost nothing on AOL. For this video I received only 10% of the money I received for the first one.
If you do the mathematics: 70k+ (without Yahoo) vs 40k+(with Yahoo) but only 10% the money, I would say that Microsoft is the big fish. But then again, my next 2 videos didn't do it to Microsoft at all... (but as I said the last one just got crazy on AOL), so I am pretty curious to see what will be the revenue for that one. Anyways, don't forget that we only receive 60% of the generated money.
So in my opinion as a final idea, if you have a good video, and it gets only limited, you can still earn big cash, only getting it viral on YT.