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I am trying to monetise my website's videos using Rumble Embeds.

No ads are showing on the embedded videos. Do I need to upgrade to a paid plan?


Are they accepted already for monetisation, because you uploaded your three videos today? I don't see adds here on Rumble as well even when I log out. There is no paid plan here on Rumble, you only get money for the videos that you upload and are accepted for distribution (limited or full) So maybe you need to wait untill they are monetised.


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Video approvals take 1-3 business days, until your video is approved no ads will run on them.
Hello Mario, HI joined rumble this Sept 2020. First, the uploaded video was on the 6th of September. I have 17 monetized videos and 8 rumblings. I earned $15 (I don't know which video it came from). And my channel got 853 rumbles at the moment. Now, this morning, I don't know where my monetized videos go. I gave all the exclusives rights to rumbles. Most of it, don't link on my youtube. On the youtube channel, I know what monetized means. Here in the rumble, it says monetized but I don't see earning from it? How to earn monetization here? Pls, I need your advice. Thanks in advance.