Ok can someone help me please, I have some of my youtube videos linked to my Rumble videos but I also have lots of videos that are not on Rumble, can I get monetization on those that are not on rumble on YouTube? If so when I do this will YouTube know which videos are owned by Rumble?? Many Thanks in Advance


I realize this is probably a stupid question but can someone please let me know if i have the right, which i am assuming i have to monetize my videos on YouTube through YouTube that are not on Rumble? if i don't receive an answer i am going to assume i can & go ahead.


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Hi Jen,

You can absolutely upload videos that aren't on Rumble to YouTube, YouTube won't know if they are Rumble videos as they don't filter for copyright infringements. If you upload an existing Rumble video to YouTube we can claim the views for you as well.

If you upload your videos to Rumble and enable autosyndication to your YouTube channel, your uploaded video will automatically be added to your YouTube account as well.

I hope this helps clarify your answer!