Missing money on Payoneer

I cashed out about two weeks ago. "pending XX$" was standing in the green box for about ten days. Now it is gone and in account transactions I have a payment 06.04.2018, but the money never came on my Payoneer account. It is my second time that I cash out and the first time the money came the same day when the payment was. What is the problem now??


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I was very interested in payoneer when I read about it. It would of suited me better than PayPal, but I'm so glad I haven't switched from Paypal after reading all the reviews of payoneer. Missing money seems to be a norm with them. I hope you get it sorted out.
I am using Payoneer all the time for personal and business purpose and this is the first time that money is missing there. I was wondering if the money is really sent to my account, should I complain to Rumble or Payoneer?