Microsoft Numbers


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I am not sure where to ask this because last time I tried it got deleted, but there is no phone number or email to get questions answered so here goes:
When will the videos show their microsoft numbers? I know my videos have been on MSN but don't show numbers or have a link to them. My latest video was on the MSN front page for awhile. If you need to delete this question please just email me an answer. I am not trying to cause problems.
This is the response from the main man "Microsoft isn't providing us that data anymore. Its not a choice on our end. trust me, we are trying to push transparency as much as possible." So don't expect to see any numbers from Microsoft anytime soon, you'll have to wait until payments to see the results.


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We are working on fixing this. We've made some big strides and everyone should start seeing more transparency before the end of the year. All this depends on our partners, but I can assure you we are on top of it.


Hmmm, it seems that nice things are happening. For most of my videos, Microsoft numbers just appeared. GREAT JOB, guys!