Meet Rumble at Vidcon

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Hi everyone, Rumble will be hosting a lunch on June 24th where you can meet fellow creators and publishers.

Time: June 24th from 11am to 3pm
Serving: Buffet style lunch
Swag: t-shirts, lanyards
Bonus: $50 advance payment on any video you upload on the same day of the event

Sample of attendees:
Rumble staff

Please email with your name, rumble username and address if you wish to attend. Once confirmed, we will send you the location details.


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Unfortunately, it's too far away for me, but I'd love to know if we could buy or win a Rumble T-shirt. I actually have a video idea that requires one. :)


I would very much like to attend, but sadly will be out of town on that day and returning too late. Have fun and best wishes always!

RE: "$50 advance payment on any video you upload on the same day of the event". I think this needs some further clarification. For example... If I upload 10 videos (of anything) on June 24th, you'll give me $500? Or, is this offer just for people that actually attend Vidcon and upload videos of the event?


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is this taking place in Anaheim? did you all get an email notification of this? if so, how can i receive the same of updates etc. Thanks
Nevermind, i see this was a year ago, what the heck ,why am i seeing these still active, kinda strange.
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