Media is the enemy of freedom! Enemy of the constitution !

Fakebook twitter cnn msnbc are all guilty of treason against the constitution ! Every soldier who has died for freedom ! Every police officer killed in line of duty! Everyone who died on 911 ! Hes been disrespected by them .they are the ones using hate speech ! Not the right ! Police are not the problem ! Leftist district attorneys elected on soros money are the problem along with some judges who think their personal feelings are the law ! We may have to fight!


If the head up they"re ass media journalists (I use that loosely) Reported the complete truth they would realize that if Justice was upheld by judges and felons served their full time (no early releases to appease) crime rates would be down and many of the recent police/deaths/riots issue wouldn't have occurred because the so called victims would still be in jail! Failure of corruption! politicians, judges and poorly ran precincts, Media just reinforces the failure so as to have news to sell commercials for!