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Hi everyone
I found one of my videos with millions of views on on their own player and it’s not licenced through rumble. Has anyone had any experience with little things? I think they are partners with another video company platform.


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I had some revenue from Rumble for and I also had some money from another licence company. So they're working with multiple companies.


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As I thought, it still goes through Rumble. is one of the top Rumble partners, and all the videos they use go through the Rumble player, that's why I was curious. It does not have to necessarily look like the usual Rumble player, they allow for top partners to personalize the player.


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They used to show view count last time I checked and now they don’t. It was well over a million back in August when I sold the video to rumble. I still don’t see it under my referrals and if it’s using a personalized rumble player, it wouldn’t be third party. I sent an email to support last week, haven’t heard back yet.