Limited distribution

So if I accept "limited distribution" I am told that the video will be managed exclusively across all video platforms, but we can not guarantee distribution to top tier partners.

Question 1 is: Has anyone accepted "limited distribution" and had your video go to a "top tier partner"?

Question 2 is: Are "limited distribution" videos available for these "top tier partners" to view?

I sold couple of video on limited, and have to be honest, before the Rumple Player, it was a huge flop. Now, since they introduced the Rumble Player, I had one of the OLD videos gone viral on limited, and all of the others brought some nice cash.
So answering to your question:
1. YES, but probably not
2. Probably YES, however I never saw on being sold to one of them. But then again, please define exactly 'top tier partners'.
Thanks cseh_17 and nademedeiros. "Top tier partners" would be MSN, Yahoo, Aol etc. You know, the big wigs lol. Still would like to know for sure if they are actually able to view a 'limited distribution video.


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I didn't accept the Limited Distribution offer, deleted my video from Rumble, and I can't monetize it on Youtube because it says " Includes copyrighted content". When will Rumble delete my video from their Youtube channel? Will it take 30 days, even though I have already deleted my video from here? I think it shouldn't even go to the Youtube channel in the first place, until we accept the offer...


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@boomerangsbyVic I upload it as Video Management; when I got the email saying that my video was approved for Limited Distribution, it was already on their Youtube channel. I didn't want to accept it, so I didn't click on the link and deleted my video. That was 2 weeks ago. Today I offered it to someone else and then saw that my video has the copyright message!


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Same here, @boomerandsbyVic!
I have emailed support a couple of days ago and they said the the video and the claim were being removed. Today the video was finally removed, but the copyright message is still there. Hopefully it will be gone in the next couple of days.
@nademedeiros Happy you are working it out and it does appear to be a mistake by Rumble. It does state If you wish to accept Limited Distribution management by Rumble, please follow the link below within 30 days: If you do not wish to accept this, please disregard this email, and Rumble will take no action on your video.
You should be clear on youtube in only a few days.
I have the same problem. Have a great video that was only categorized for limited distribution. I denied and found it today at their youtube channel.