Limited distribution promoted video


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I had a video that was given limited distribution and was later promoted by rumble and was put on the front page but it was not distributed to third parties so i emailed them and got a response saying basically that front page and 3rd party are not always correlated so i was wondering what was the point of promotion???


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It seems that front page promotion usually includes MSN, AOL, Yahoo and Rumble Viral YouTube. Other platforms are more inconsistent. And even AOL and Yahoo aren't always picking them up. I find MSN is occasionally the only one.
Front page promotion almost always means YouTube Viral channel will have it.
It seems to me that even the Rumble YouTube channel is a big deal at 440,000 subscribers and increasing by about 1,000 per day. That's a decent boost.


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I don't know but they promoted mine but it had thousands of views but they only put it on the front page and not gave it to third parties.... not very happy with that to be honest, but there you go, it has had 78 thousand views so far .