Limited Distribution go to front page?

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Is it possible if a sold video Limited Distribution go to front page or sale it to 3rd partners? What is better to do when a video is choose for Limited Distribution?
Limited Distribution will for sure not do neither front page nor get to 3rd partners. The only possibility is that the video goes viral on YT or Rumble, and you will get an offer to change the distribution type. Happened to me once.


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@cseh_17 not entirely true. Limited distribution will allow you to monetize it on Rumble and YouTube like you mentioned, but it will also be placed in our catalog for other companies to pick it up, so it can still go 3rd parties.

I don't see a reason why you wouldn't accept Limited Distribution (especially since it gets put in our catalog), unless you feel that you can monetize and sell it better on your own.
@chrisrumble my wrong then. Something else, i have problem with my youtube account. I dont know why but today i go to log in and they disable my YT account! I send email and they told me to wait. When i upload a video to rumble also rumble upload it to my YT acc. What happen with those videos? Is still here? And some of my videos dont say ''rumbling'' or ''reject'' or ''sold'' or something else but they havent anything. Maybe cause my YT acc is dissableD? Sorry for my english, i hope to understand what i mean...
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