Limited distribution email doesn't work?


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Hello, We got now a couple times a email "Your video has been approved for limited distribution!". Then we must click on a link in the email but nothing happens. We do this with every video that is live.. we love that Rumble using our videos everywhere. But nothing happend when we click and our cute puppy videos have only 2 views and are nowhere shown. Please let me know if i do something wrong.. otherwise i read rumble will take no action with our videos and now it looks like nothing happen. Thank you! (sorry for my English hihi)


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Hi chasingchop,

When you click on the link to agree to limited distribution, you will be taken to your dashboard to see the video you have just agreed to, and the words: "SUCCESSFULLY ACCEPTED OFFER!"

If you do not see this, or nothing happens when you click the link it is possible your browser is blocking popups; in either case, all your videos are currently live.


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He @Mario when I click on the links I land on my account but not on the videos and don't get the words 'successfully accepted offer'. Tried nog 3 browsers haha. I email rumble a month ago but get nothing back. Happy they are live but nothing happend so that is unfortunate ;) But thanks for helping so I know now i must see a message!


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@chasingchop, if your videos change from "Pending" to "Live", then it means that it worked, regardless of you seeing the "Successfully accepted offer" message or not. Videos approved for Limited Distribution usually get very few views.


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You do know, that if you do click that link, that you've excepted limited distribution and not the Full distribution? In most cases only full distribution get promoted to the partners like AOL, Yahoo, MSN...... That is why you haven't seen your video anywhere! So think, before you click that link! It might just be better to delete the video and resubmit it with a better title and description!