Like and Share Each Other's New Sold Videos

So I was thinking that whenever we sell a new video we should all share it/like it to help spread the viral flame. I'll do this for any NEW SOLD videos posted here on this thread. Will you do this? Videos need to be no more than five days old. Ideally, you will post the link the day it gets approved. Let's help each other. Sound good?

I don't have one that qualifies yet but I will post it here as soon as I do. Does anyone have a fresh new video, approved maybe Thursday or yesterday, to start this off?


I will just complete here what my colleague said: Post a link to your video, other than RUMBLE. Post one that brings you revenue (MSN,YT,Yahoo or AOL).


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Your idea is good... and we should do this
The videos that get approved do not need more help. The videos which are still pending or rumbling need more help.. so we should help them grow first...
@vishdsrv, You are welcome to create a thread where people can post all of their videos sold or not. However, I fear it would soon turn into a thread where everyone posts links to their videos and nobody watches anyone's because there is nothing that benefits them. It is very self-serving. This thread is mutually beneficial. If you help other's videos then they will help yours once they are sold. There is nothing wrong with helping other videos out. It is a HUGE world out their and there is plenty of viral space to go around.


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Yes I think this thread is a great idea. Hope I sell one soon to try it out and look forward to watching others.


Just to keep it clear, we WON'T have thread for all videos. (sold-unsold) I already posted a link where everybody is free to see them. Let's try, and stay as ordnet and clear as possible. If we start to post everything everywhere, nobody will ever understand anything.
@cseh_17 @vishdsrv @brenmichelle @BenW

Looks like I sold a video today! Check out my son as he struggles to stay awake on the way home from a walk on the trail. Please thumbs up and share it around on FB, Google+, Twitter, Pintrest or whatever you have to spread the word. Feel free to friend my on FB "J.P. Scott" in Columbia, MO.

I look forward to returning the favor in the future, thanks!



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lol, love it. I can't find this video on your rumble page. I was going to comment on it from fb. Did you start a new channel?


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@vishdsrv It has nothing to do with uploading to many videos. The question is: Is it interesting for many people to watch that video. Is it very funny or unbelievable what happens or.... I watched your videos (that was what you want to achieve with your comments... ) and in my opinion this one is shocking, but interesting for many people to watch: Unbelievable Shocking Event Caught on Camera !!!
@cseh_17 Shared you video via FB and twitter. Good luck.

Yes, Will and I have a lot of good times together. We are actually working on some new staged videos so we'll see how they turn out.


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2 posts above I write it down that everybody should post an other link than Rumble... What do I do? Post the link from Rumble...

Just in case, here is the YT: