Lad bible want to put my video on fb


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@Mario Hi all I have just had a message from lad bible on my you tube and they want to put my video on their fb page along with the original link ,don't know whether is this ok to do?


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I had that request from them several times as well; as it was for videos that weren't licensed by Rumble yet I agreed. Never saw any of my videos appear on their FB :(


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Oh well its not as if you would see any earning's from them anyway, but it may have promoted them a little. Probably won't see mine either.....


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If I would be you, I would never ever give my video away for free! LadBible do pay for videos, I know! They are just trying it on! Always refer them to whom ever the video is licensed with or tell them a price! Just my advice from my own experience.


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If any other site reaches out to you for a video that's currently managed by Rumble, always have them reach out to

We will work out the best deal on your behalf for we always know the current rates for video distribution and we don't want to see our creators get very little or nothing in return for their work.