Just getting started on Rumble Day 1 - So many choices what to do first


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To the Rumble Community,

Well... what I generally will do whenever I choose to join any online platform or networking community is to read the rules and terms of use. Once that is done with I will then proceed to locate the profile editing options made readily available. After that I will proceed to giving things a go in terms of site functionality and I must say upon first go at it here on Rumble. I'm truly impressed.

I love the community feature here because without being social today and being allowed to truly express our thoughts about the place we are caring to share our content on. Its terribly difficult to get going there, or to ever get help from those in the community who have come before you. That's awesome we can communicate via these community posts for discussions similar to forums.

I also like the whole factors in which content is allowed to be posted here in reference to videos. I'm into sports a great deal, mainly basketball to be precise. I love coaching folks from using my skills I gathered over the years and I do it mostly on YouTube as well as at the playground basketball courts where I live.

To be able to have yet another platform to conduct this sort of drilling instruction as a skills coach is sweet!

There's much more I wish to learn here, and about the opportunities on Rumble as well as what else I need to know to get my content discovered. I do know that video content requires high quality audio/video editing, and so I will do my very best to offer up the highest quality possible for viewing pleasure.

If anyone has any suggestions for me from experience now's the time to shoot them at me if you wish to help a brother out. I will also give many folks locations here a go to get to know peoples content as time progresses along, and I'll ask questions whenever I need help. Hopefully folks are kind enough to assist when such a time comes. I seek to interact fairly with folks as I do known it's the true key to online success in any community.

Mike Pugh aka CloudExplorer
Owner of FPC-Virtual