Is this site primarily for creators?


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I understand creators need to maximize their earnings because YT and other platforms don't share much of the ad revenue. Had a number of websites & understand the issues.

My question is...

Why would a viewer of content come to Rumble? I'm here because of Dan Bongino. He even links out to his videos on the Rumble website.

The homepage of the website and the homepage of the app are totally different.

There's a bit of looking through the available content on the web page. In the app, that front page is strange. Why would I want to watch pieces of mostly short videos and vote on them? I was coming for content, not a tiny amount of pocket change for hours of my time.

The search function is useless. It delivers randomized results for the query.

Bongino is suggesting this will take on YT. I hope it does.

Am I using it wrong? Or is this for video content creators and not really viewers of content?