Is there a way to change the name on my account?


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Am I stuck with the name I created for the account, or is there a way to change it?

I can't find any way to update it.
You can send a request to support and we will change it for you, just send the username you'd like to have.


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Leave them on your channel, if your videos are picked up to be distributed there it will only help. We will share them to our channels which currently have 1m plus subscribers in return for just 10% of the total profits.

If you delete your copy it will not affect promotion at all, but you'll lose the chance to catch some extra views.


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Ok that's great news.
I was led to believe that youtube does not allow the same video to be posted on multiple channels.
I didn't think it would be acceptable to have the same video on both my channel and the rumble channel.
It sounds like you are telling me that's not the case.
I know my main channel was demonetized for "reused content" but maybe there's a certain context that I'm missing.

I noticed the channel has over a million subscribers. But I also noticed that there are so many videos uploaded on a continual basis that the views are distributed sparsely. But it's still a better chance to be featured on a channel with that many subs.

Almost everything looks like animal videos.
I suspect that most of my videos will be too out of the ordinary to be accepted.

They are borderline bizarre, and some of them advertise my website which many might find controversial.
Rumble will not want to be affiliated with any advertising of my website.
Judging by the neutrality of all the pet videos, I'm pretty sure of that.

However, maybe some of the videos can be edited, and subsequently accepted.
I guess time will tell.

Either way, if you never try, then you've already failed. So I put in my effort. Now I'll wait.
I have been making videos for 30 years so I have a seemingly endless archive to pull from, but if nothing happens with any of the ones I just posted, then it's probably safe to assume this platform doesn't cater to my style of videos.

Thanks for all your help as the creator support team, and all the help of the friendly community you have here.

Sorry if I started out a bit frustrated, but I was clueless as to how this works and didn't see my videos getting more than 2 views in 10 weeks.
I figured they would get some views on their own similar to how youtube does.

But this is very different from youtube. I'm beginning to get the picture.

Thank you all.
Hopefully some of my videos will fit in here. I'm not too optimistic though. I've always been out in left field.
Hey TacTimes,

Glad to hear that. And yes, multiple channels can use the same content as long as we claim it all revenue will be reported to your account. What you can't so on YouTube is reuse the same content on your own videos in the same channel, they see that as padding your view time to qualify for monetization, at the same time we've seen many channels violate that but YT allows them to continue posting.

A very common technique is creating 5-6 minutes of fresh content and adding content from a previous video to get them to 10 minutes, but every video's ending half is the begging of the video posted previously, it's a big issue on YT right now.