Is the discrepancy with view count & shares being addressed?

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A few of us mentioned weeks ago that there seems to be a glitch that is affecting the rumble view counts and I'm just wondering if this is being worked on?

What I mean is that I have several videos where the view count is much lower than the amount of times it has been shared.

For example -

Video title:
Adorable dog doesn't like her nose touched
Views: 11
Shares: 57

Two cute pups fight over a toy
Views: 52
Shares: 222

Dog gets hilariously photobombed by her sister's tail
Views: 53
Shares: 149

Adorable rescued dog loves her sister so much
Views: 63
Shares: 172

I think there's 3 or so more but you get the point. I know these are not large amounts but it's been happening for a while.
I've sent an email to support as well but I've done that 3 other times (different questions) and I have never gotten one reply so I'm not very hopeful that I'll actually get an answer. I just want to know that Rumble is aware of the problem and is working on it. I don't expect it to be fixed overnight.

I don't really feel comfortable uploading any more content until I get some sort of response. I know this doesn't seem like a huge issue since the amounts off are relatively small but the fact that I can never seem to get a response from support (aside from Mario, you have been very helpful) or the Rumble employee who recruited me (and also outright lied when recruiting) makes my confidence in this company dwindle.


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Hi MS,

I will take a look into this and get back to you, but it seems like normal behavior as not every share gets a view.

As to our support team, we are small but growing so your very likely to hear from the same person more than once. In this case you will notice I try answering all your questions because I'm familiar with your account.

Please let me know which questions we've failed to answer in the past and I'll make sure to get an answer for you.
Thank you, Mario. I know you must be busy. I understand companies have growing pains it's just frustrating.

My question is that since the share button is on the embedded video, wouldn't the shares have to at the very least match in amounts? For example, 200 people view my video on Rumble and they each hit the share button.. that would be 200 views and 200 shares. How and why would someone share a video they didn't view? My content is almost all under just the Rumble Player license so there are no YT or 3rd parties to factor in.

Then on top of that I have found my videos being shared via embedded link on Facebook (since they're just Rumble Player) and they'll have many more reactions then the view count. Most people only hit like or a reaction if they took the time to actually watch the content.

The other questions I had ended up getting answered by other members on this forum.


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None of my videos have going up ,now even if i didn't have the greatest content i am sure it would slowly go up ,but not 1 single view in weeks ,well barring one video ,that's been going up but this seems to also have stopped ,anyone else having the same problem????
The YT view counts are way off as well; I keep track of the number of YT views myself and compared 15th till the 19th of May with the views on YT and the stats giving here, and I'm missing several thousands of views.
The issue with view counts and shares not adding up has been happening since February and they have never caught up. This is purely Rumble views for me, not YT or 3rd parties.
OK, mine is about Youtube only. My stats show not even 1000 views over the last 5 days, while based on the view count under the videos on YT, I should have at least around 7 or 8 thousand.
@Mario The views are still not updated correctly when looking at the number of YT views at the video itself. As mentioned earlier, I should have between around 2-3 thousand views nearly each day, but the stats on Rumble are only showing 400 to 500.


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Hi @MissSunshine13,

As I mentioned in the email sent from support, this issue may take a while to resolve. Let me know if you want to clarify this issue to you via email or DM.
I'm sorry, I must have missed an email? I replied to the one about it having to do with Facebook but I don't remember anything after that. I either deleted it by accident or I read it during a health flare up and don't remember. I get bad brain fog. Sorry for being a pest.


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Hi @MissSunshine13,

No worries, we're here to help and we'll answer your questions until you're 100% certain of the answer.

We value our creators and want to make sure they're always satisfied.

Let me know if there's anything I can do for you at, I'll make sure to be the one to answer.
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