Is 'Limited Distribution' actually worth a try?

Oh, wow, I had never noticed that... it happened to one of my videos, a while ago, but I never opened the email, cause it's usually the same thing... so that's what happened to my video... oops... I guess I'll try re-uploading it.
Do you guys think it's worth it? From experience, if you don't have at least hundreds of thousands of views, you'll get a ridiculous amount of money.
I accepted them in the beginning, and earned some cash.
Anyways, from my experience, limited distribution, does not really help. I don't accept them anymore. And now that the new RUMBLE stuff is coming (where as Chris said, every video will get accepted), I prefer to wait, and re-upload them later.
Limited distribution has resulted in a few hundred to a few thousand views for me, at most. I have earned a few dollars on some, but no more. Maybe $5-10
Almost all my videos that were accepted for full promotion have earned at least $20-$30 on Rumble and Youtube. When the third party views come in, some have been hundreds of dollars. Limited distribution will not result in any third party views.
You are usually better to decline, edit or tweak the video and try again. I've done this a few times and then gotten 100,000 views or more on a second try that was accepted for full promotion.
I rarely accept limited distribution now.
I have two limited videos that did great. One did 300$+ on YT, the other 150$+ on Rumble. In many cases is a question of how much you trust your video that it will do well.
I've never made much accepting limited distribution, but I've done well to edit and resubmit. I've had more than one do pretty well that way. cseh_17 is correct but either way, the video will do better when promoted. I think it is worth at least one retry.
My video has just been accepted as limited. This is the first of my videos to get limited. Should I delete and resubmit the video or leave it as limited? Thanks in advance for any help
I've tweaked and resubmitted and had it work well. One video went over 50,000 views on a second try.
Because you rarely get high exposure, and you don't get third party promotion, limited distribution is rarely advisable. I accept it if I think that the video was chosen for limited because the content wasn't gripping enough and can't ever be made more interesting.
If it can be redone, re-edited, or made part of another video that will be better, I say give that a try. Can you add music, clip out sections to make it more to the point, come up with a catchier title, add some title boards to the video to tell a story or present factual and interesting information...?
Limited distribution is usually only going to net you a few dollars.
I have accepted Limited Distribution twice (both in 2015)... to this day, I haven't even made a single dollar, TOTAL!! So no, I don't accept Limited Distribution, anymore.