Infringement or not?


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I found this site:
They seem to have all our videos. It does say YouTube on it and I'm not sure if they are really embeds or just they own player. Maybe someone can have a look?
It looks as if they use their own player. If you click on the source and embed code that should lead to the Rumble website and original video it goes to another video on their website.


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Curious about the validity of this site as I did find my video on there as well. I find the added text at the bottom of the description a little disturbing too, "Girl Fu*k Dog":
This is shady site that's stealing content from all over the web, we've sent requests for them to take our content down but since they're not abiding by proper licensing rules from the start and they're not located in a country were these rules can be enforced we don't expect them to take it down anytime soon.

We'd just recommend that this site is ignored for now so they don't get traffic.


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May I ask a question about Rumble full licensing ? A French tv show used one of my Rumble video. Is there any payment expected ?

Thank you very much