if i decide to rumble... (unsure post)


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my number one fear of this site, is that if i really do decide to put in the effort, and try my absolute best to make something here.. is that it might be for naught, to explain, i realize that rumble is looking for original content.. but im scared that something will go wrong.. not on my part exactly, but for example, what if i want to animate something, and the background music happens to be a mainstream song... will rumble strike me down dispite the video part being made by my hand?

can you even upload files here? do they just want direct from mobile videos? i really do want to try rumble but the fear that my hard work might be for nothing is kind of bothering me.

im sorry.


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All of the content you submit should be your own. Video and music. You can use your own video made from any of your devices, mobile/video recorder.


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Just make sure that the video content you upload was shot by you personally. As far as using music, there are a number of websites platforms that allow the free use of music clips for your videos without any fear if copyright infringement. Just search for "royalty free music" or "no copyright music". Here is a YouTuber that I follow that covers this topic.
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJVSHjKIMOs