If He Brings You Happiness


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Listening to Freddy Fender, perfect for such a late night. Spent a lot of time these last few days, following Oscar El Blue and Real (Conservative) Anthony as they traveled and lectured. Each seem to be living dangerously as they surveyed the liberal madness in their respective countries. Isn't perspective everything? And Freddy just started wailing "wasted days and wasted nights". Oscar and Anthony have, with their perspectives, rescued us from that sad premise. Saturday's Fayetteville NC Trump rally was a blockbuster as well. The noise the Democrats are making sounds like bluster. And, what do they have in reserve? They have already used every nasty effort available, all that is left is overt criminality. Perfect! Freddy just started belting out "If he brings you happiness". Yeah, the President is going to bring many of us happiness.