I noticed a Rumble Viral Merchandise store below a youtube video. Official store?


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Yes that would be official, it's like my own store. You would have to connect to your Teespring account. So Rumble opened that shop.


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In the blog: https://story.rumble.com/rumble-estore-now-live/ some two years ago was also an anouncement of a Rumble store, but that one seems to be unavailable at the moment, maybe because of this new one….?
I remember that announcement. Then later in another thread at https://community.rumble.com/threads/a-note-from-rumbles-ceo-a-commitment-to-the-small-creator.313/#post-3378 Chris said "We weren't happy with the quality of the products in that store, so we are looking to redo it. This is why wee didn't promote it yet. I would hold off on purchasing anything until we do the revamp. " That old store was "Myshopify".