How to use Rumble to gain YouTube subscribers?


If you have a YouTube channel in addition to Rumble, you can recruit subscribers with the following marketing trick.

Let me type ...

Many people forget the definition of the term "social network". You must socialize.

Rumble attracts a lot of audiences on YouTube and if your video is posted on one of Rumble's channel then I recommend keeping a close eye on your video for comments.

The people who comment on your Rumble video are warm leads. If they have posted a comment then they are interested in your content.

So how does this work to your advantage?

Respond to all comments with valuable information. So if they ask a specific question go in-depth with your reply (or anyone who just placed a comment [just say thank you or something in that nature]). The person receives a notification and you increase the chance that this person or someone else visits your channel and subscribe.

Wait, that's not the only benefit.

YouTube algorithm also looks at interactions. The comment section!

If there is good interaction under your Rumble video it gives YouTube a sign that people are interested in your video.

If your video is recommended on the front page or YouTube app then... $ & subscribers.

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