How to set up PayPal account to rumble?

I have a rumble account and I keep getting emails that I have money being posted to the account. But there's nothing there each time I look. How can I get my earnings?


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Ok, I misunderstood your question. Can't you see in transactions if you earned some money? It would be strange if you get emails that you've earned money and there is nothing on your cash out. I'm not from Rumble, so I can't figure it out for you. Hope somebody from Rumble can help you with this one.
New to this. I have money to be cashed out but it keeps telling me to provide my paypal email address. It does not give me an option to do this. When I click on my profile, it only brings up my stats. I do not have, that I can find, a "profile settings" area. Where could I find this?
@krbridges1974 Go to Account in the upper right corner, click on 'Profile settings' in the right side menu and then the option to set your payment details can be set, just below your address information. Hope this helps :)