How to get a video promoted

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Hi was just wondering who choose's videos to get promoted, or is there someone you can ask to take a look at your videos I have one that has nearly 2000 views which from you tube is quite good and another one I uploaded which I was sure, would be given full distribution to but it wasn't. I did not except that and I renamed it but it was still only given limited distribution, I know this video will do well and its really annoying when you know your video is good but it is only given limited distribution to .


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Hi Tripwire,

Our system verifies a lot of factors about your videos that will help determine how it will be distributed. Then we have an group of editors that will pick specific videos and boost them if the video deserves it.

We understand that every creator sees their work as good and feels like it will do very well, but unfortunately not every video in our platform can be given the top spot, it's just not possible, so we leave that to the pros in our editorial team who actually know this market much better than us.
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