How to gain "Subscribers" on Rumble


If YOU Subscribe to ME, I'll Subscribe to YOU. Here's a link to MY Channel...

Leave a link to YOUR Channel in a comment and l'll Subscribe. Let me know that you subscribed to me by starting your comment with @Yates13

Here's the current list of other Rumble Members that will most likely subscribe to YOU if YOU subscribe to them. But again, be sure to let each person know that you subscribed to them by including their individual contact link like @Yates13 or @brenmichelle or @nademedeiros in the comment that includes the link to YOUR Channel. Good Luck!

Subscribe to ...................

Yates13 @

ThrowbackHomeVideos @

brenmichelle @ AND

tolerantxero @

cseh_17 @

jessed @

BenW @

bacckstop @

ivanjankovic1 @

amberly_mom2twins @

Aneszej @

Nexuss @ (Please provide CHANNEL Link in a comment)

anpsquared @ (Please provide CHANNEL Link in a comment)

Spacejunky @

DaddyKirbs @

vishdsrv @

nademedeiros @

ahumblelove @

teeNkam @ (Please provide CHANNEL Link in a comment)

EvoTheMalamute @

blackarrow @

Subscribe to "Everyone" and leave a comment with a link to YOUR Channel on this Discussion Chain so WE can Subscribe to YOU! Just as a reminder... at this time, we are unable to see WHO is actually "Subscribed" to our Channels, we just see the number of "Subscribers". That's why we need to notify each other when we actually do Subscribe.

Remember, your first Subscriber Goal is 10 (It allows you to secure your channel name). Then go for 25, 50, 75, 100 Subscribers and on and on. The more Subscribers you have the more exposure for your videos and the more credibility you have with Rumble. Good luck!

@Yates13 @ThrowbackHomeVideos @brenmichelle @tolerantxero @cseh_17 @jessed @BenW @backstop @ivanjankovic1 @amberly_mom2twins @Aneszej @Nexuss @anpsquared @Spacejunky @daddykirbs @vishdsrv @Ahumblelove @nademedeiros @teeNkam @EvoTheMalamute @blackarrow


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I have two subscribers. If you have subscribed to me let me know who you are so I can subscribe to you. Thanks


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@Bree, the idea is for you to subscribe to all the channels on that list and let people know, then we'll all subscribe to yours; that's why there's a list.


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I sub to everyone on that list. It didn't even take long. I have an old computer and sometimes it acts up, but it didn't.