How to gain "Subscribers" on Rumble

Are there any NEW Rumble Members looking for Subscribers for their Rumble Video Channel? If so, check out this comment thread and you'll find some new friends and followers very quickly. Good luck!
Hey @Yates13 how do i see whose subscribed to me ?? Im subscribed to 10 plus and have 5 ...just want to see who I should unsubscribe from ..JK!! kind of ... also is there a list of subscribers where we can just go through and subscribe to everyone ?? thanks in advance :)
First: Yes there is a list, somewhere a page or two ago. Just scroll back a bit.
Second: I am pretty sure that I am one of the ones who didn't subscribe. I wanted to now, but your channels URL is not posted to your profile. (click to my username to see what I mean)


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@Ahumblelove, some of the people I've subscribed to haven't subscribed back either, since I already had 6 when I posted here the first time and only have 12 now... there's no way of knowing, though.

@cseh_17, how do you do that? I've tried adding my channel to my profile, but couldn't figure out how. =P