How to gain "Subscribers" on Rumble


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This is a great idea! I will subscribe to all of you :) I had a fair amount of success last year with my videos, but things have slowed down.. I just had a new one approved for limited dist., so I am hoping to make something off of it!

Here's my channel link:

Click for dogs and babies :)


Hi Amberly, I was your #6 Subscriber, thanks for being my #12 Subscriber. We've both got a long way to go. Good luck and best wishes always!


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Do we know why they won't allow us to see who's subscribing to us? I wish I did profit sharing in the past, some of my older videos got quite a few views! I can't keep my twins in the same spot long enough to get a good video of both of them anymore! haha!

Thanks for the subscribes!
One your referral makes money, it will show up under your stats with the 10% you got from them. That is IF they make money.