How to gain "Subscribers" on Rumble

The addition of a Rumble "Community" is greatly appreciated, but while waiting for more enhancements and refinements to show up... how about an easy way for us to connect with other members and to "Subscribe" to each other?

I don't know of an easy way to find other members and find a LINK to their Rumble Channel. So here goes...

If YOU Subscribe to ME, I'll Subscribe to YOU. Here's a link to MY Channel...

Leave a link to YOUR Channel in a comment and l'll Subscribe.

BTW: There's NOT currently a way for us to know WHO is "Subscribed" to our Channel, but I trust YOU!
Hi brenmichelle, I Subscribed to both of your channels. I like your cute little girl channel and your GREAT BIG DOG Channel. Keep up the good work, I see a lot more fun videos in your future. Best wishes always!
Thank you!! Same to you! Thanks for starting this thread too, I think it is in all of our best interests to support each other and therefore support this site!
Tolerantxero, those are some great videos, I am cracking up at the birds one!! I subscribed but it doesn't seem to be showing on my end. Might be a glitch.
I subscribed to all the links which I found here (until now). Here is my link:

P.S. tolerantxero! You should create yourself a channel. It is much easier for us to subscribe, and much easier to you to manage the things. :)
I'm now Subscribed to everyone that left a link above this comment. Thank you for subscribing to my channel and I look forward to seeing more of you and your videos in the future. @cseh_17 Thank for making that suggestion to @tolerantxero. Every engaged Rumble member should create a Channel.

FYI: I read that having more Subscribers is one of many determining factors (there are apparently over a 100 factors) used by Rumble Rank to help determine which videos Rumble will purchase.
If we can actually help each-other, why not?! I'm currently at 2, and hope that it will increase. We all, as Rumble too, are at the beginning.
jessed, It's not about "glitching" Rumble Rank, the number of "Subscribers" that we have is just one of over a hundred different things that are considered. But, having more subscribers is a good way to get our videos watched by more people and to better interact with each other on Rumble. What's the link for YOUR Channel? I'll subscribe to it, if I'm not currently subscribed.