How to earn money @rumble

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do you know the word please? David dose this because he is a nice and generous person, who wants to share his experiences, so please show a bit of respect! And please keep in mind, that nobody around here HAS to do anything, as long they don't specifically want to. ;)


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Hey Everyone, this is Mario from Rumble support.

Before this conversation goes off the rails, I just want to remind everybody this is a forum for civil discussion and we must respect other users at all times. If you have, or will receive any help from a more knowledgeable member, please remember they're doing it with a desire to help and they're being generous by giving you their time.

This users are not obligated to help you, but we at Rumble appreciate their efforts very much.


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Thanks folks. Happy to share what I've learned. I've had a great experience with my Rumble channel and with the helpful staff.
I'm just waiting on confirmation that all my facts are correct and I'll be sending that document out.
Sorry for the delay. I've been looking after an important issue the past week and I'll catch up soon.

Thanks Cseh_17 and Mario!


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I subbed to people and they didn't sub back ,and i haven't got any nearer to finding out how to make my videos any more popular, but thanks for trying to help, it's much appreciated .I will just keep doing what i am doing and just hope it pays off hahaha
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