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Hi guys, I uploaded my video and in 6 days i got 22 views,i want to know how exactly i can earn money here,
i am using youtube since last month and i started earning from day 1.only thing need to do was to create an adsense account.
No. of advertisement on my video decides my earning there.
Here as i am not seeing any advertisement,so how rumble make money from these video.
Please guide me or suggest me how can i earn money step by step if possible.


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I'd be happy to send you a document that I have that answers a lot of questions. I'll send it to an email address if you message it to me.
Basically, you won't see estimated earnings for at least a few days or a week. You can't cash out until you reach 120days and $50.
I can tell you that I've been on YouTube for three years and Rumble for one year. I've made almost exactly 100x the money here. That's one year compared to three, so 300x the profit.
I can't cash out on YouTube until $100.
You'll undoubtedly be happier with your video promotion, your views and your earnings with Rumble. The wait is no big deal and once the money starts, it's pretty continuous.


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cheers to that David McNab, thanks to meeting you at the Grand Cayman airport, as you know i have been posting on rumble and income is growing. Thanks for all your assistance along the way .Feel free everyone to check my channel on here. subscribe if you like, i will definitely reciprocate
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