How to customise channel URL?


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Hey all, I'm newish... been enjoying my time on Rumble so far very much! I'm just wondering how to get a custom url? My channel is:

When I go to "my channels" I can se the words "custom URL" but when I hover over them they don't appear to be an active link. So how do I change my current URL to one that reflects the actual name of my channel? e.g. or something like that?


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My channel url is: I know that when I started 6 years ago you needed I think at least 10? subscribers to change for a reserved link. I see you have 12 subscribers. Can't you change it if you go to "Your Channels" and click on edit and fill in the channel name?
I just checked the number of subscribers to get a custom url, it is indeed 10 subscribers, so it should be possible to change your url name.