How to add youtube URL to my video?

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I just had a video accepted for limited distribution. I want to add the youtube URL to my video, as that is the next step... right?

How can I add it? On my phone I can 'edit' which allows me to enter it, but it won't save. I don't see an edit option anywhere on the video when on my laptop.

New to this, I've always done non exclusive in the past!

Thanks in advance!



You also can afterwards, BUT it seems that videos in limited distribution, have a problem! ( @chrisrumble )

After your video gets approved for limited distribution, you have 1 month to accept it, or deny it. The thing is that in this period you can't actually edit/delete it. It is a system problem. The changes simply won't change. There is an issue, and it needs to be solved.
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