How much i can earn on uploading each video made by me ?


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and when will i receive payment of my videos and payment from my tags when this payment will come to my account ?


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Depends on the method you choose to "sell" to Rumble as to how much you will earn.

Youtube earnings pays monthly in arrears and Rumble earnings are delayed by +-120 days.


Yates13, if I may. In the article you wrote, you mention that your first pay-out was ONLY for the Unknown Object Escorted By California Police? video. Can you offer us some statistic numbers about the views (MSN, YAHOO, AOL)you had for the amount from your pay-out bill?


Thanks Nexuss, Rumble has changed a lot in the first year, but I like the changes they have been making.

Hi Cseh_17 ALL of the categories with the exception of Rumble (1925 views as of right now) on that video still show as "Not Available". Although a more recently SOLD video does indicate view counts for all categories.

I'm hoping to see some actual figures when the next Quarterly Results get posted this month, but truthfully, I have no idea what the view count is for Yahoo!, MSN and AOL, although I do know the video was featured on their sites.

Delayed reporting was ALWAYS acknowledged and stated as a fact by Rumble, but even knowing the number of views won't give us a clue as to the anticipated income. There are too many variables. I trust Rumble to pay me the appropriate amount, but doubt their ability to devote the time necessary to explain it to all of their members on an individual basis.


That's actually a very interesting fact that you rise there. Because I also have a video that features only RUMBLE and YOUTUBE views (which are obviously not so many 27), but as you said, by the other 3 stays not available. I would just like to know, if that NOT AVAILABLE stays actually for the video itself, or only for the statistics.
And don't forget that there is an other option out there! After couple of weeks of RUMBLING I received a mail in which I was informed that my video could be sold, however only with limited sharing. That means , they can't guarantee that the video will make it to the big sites (AOL,MSN,YAHOO).
From my understanding, the main view counters "Rumble, Youtube, AOL Yahoo and Microsoft" are displayed but there are other places that accept the video and get views, correct? I have a video I found on a Japanese website with the Rumble description and video so I'm not entirely sure.


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I up loaded 3 video's I made and after 5 days 2 have been rejected and 1 is still pending. all 3 of the video have over 10,000 views on youtube. Is there a place i can look to find out what the standards are for video's so i can make video's that will pass inspection. Or can i find out why they have been rejected so i can avoid the pitfalls. i don't think rumble will go very far if people have to put work in to video's then gamble on if they will get paid/accepted. I need details
" i don't think rumble will go very far if people have to put work in to video's then gamble on if they will get paid/accepted. " Rumble can't make money or help you make money if a video isn't worth anything.


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The majority of the approval process is automated, though there are quality control aspects in place that include human intervention. To date there is no way to see why it got rejected, the best thing you can do is talk to the community and ask for their input, perhaps compare your video to similar ones that have been approved on Rumble and have a lot of views.

There are things that everyone can do to improve their videos that applies everywhere and provide users with a better viewing experience. For instance:
- a landscape video fits television and computer screens better
- dark and grainy videos are hard to watch, so when possible make sure you have good natural lighting.
- shoot in the highest resolution when reasonably possible

As for your specific videos, they are very informative and useful to people that are actually needing to perform those tasks, and I personally don't see anything wrong with them from quickly skimming through them. If you do look at the videos that have been approved or that get to the homepage you will see they are a different type of content, and I believe there lies the problem. As Rumble continues to grow it will work really well for you, just don't lose hope. If anything I would still upload and let your videos live on Rumble, they can still get exposure on the Rumble platform even after they get rejected, and you will give yourself the best chances that way. For instance, what if your video gains a lot of traction on Rumble?


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Thank you. Good ideas as I make a bit of cash from youtube and maybe rumble at some point I will invest it in the video's increasing quality and content.


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Btw when you upload a video, the non-exclusive license say '' up to 500$ '' but on register page of rumble it say up to 250$. Which one is good ?


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Hello to all! I'm new here on Rumble,and I've been searching to find an average amount($)that a typical/average video can generate after uploading for the creator
-And how does it work?
I'd it by the amount of views,likes,etc?
-I'm completely new to this entire world of uploading videos for money,or creating channels or sharing vlogs.
If anyone can help me with some knowledge,and some advice to push me in the rite direction,i will greatly appreciate it....thank you,Jamie L.