How many views generate income


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Hi all
I have only three short videos uploaded with very few views as I'm new to this however after emailing rumble they advised all views generate income. I'm not expecting to become a millionaire don't get me wrong but I haven't generated any income at all, not even pennies.
Is there a minimum amount of views required before you start to see earnings?

Also I'm not getting verification emails from rumble after I've uploaded a video is anyone else experiencing the same problem?
My account is set to auto sync with Vimeo and YouTube and I get an instant email from Vimeo confirming they have the video live but nothing from rumble to verify.



If you get a mail for limited distribution, you have a couple of options:

1. You click the link in the mail you received, and your video goes live, however, will not be distributed on Rumble's main channel, and to the main partners.
2. You don't click the link, and implicitly don't accept the offer. Therefore you can delete the video, make changes to it, and re-upload it.
3. You delete the video and upload different material.