How long do videos "rumble" before they go live?


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It varies but there is no approval on weekends. Monday at the earliest, assuming you get approval.
Has anyone explained the difference between limited distribution and front page promotion?


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Check your email for a verification request or a request for more details about your video. That seems to happen on the first. Check the spam folder as well.


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Hey @abilitycom, a video verification e-mail was sent to you on March 22nd. We require users to verify that the uploaded video belongs to the user for copyright protection reasons. We only require verification on the first video. The video will remain pending until you verify your video. Please check your spam folder in case the e-mail landing there by mistake.


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I remember receiving and verifying the link, twice I recall. Maybe more than twice, That's why I remember it. It kept asking me to verify it then logging me out and having to verify it again. Can you send it again? I've also login in more than once, having to put my details again twice or more, address etc.