How long do Rumble 'own' video's for?

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I sold a video with an upfront payment - but on looking at my payments I see Rumble deduct upfront payments from You Tube earnings - how long will they continue to do this for - as if they are going to continue until upfront payment have been paid back there was no point of selling it in the first place??
That's what upfront means in this case. They gave you money before your video started earning it, so that amount is deducted from your earnings total if those earnings ever surpass the upfront payment.
The point is that if your video is a flop, Rumble is in loss. If the video goes viral, after the upfront payment is covered, you will receive normal split earnings.


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Hi @PAULAFRENCHP, the term is perpetual as stated in your contract. Since we syndicate to multiple platforms, it becomes impossible to revoke and take everything down once you agree. This also depends on the licensing option you chose. If you chose Rumble Player, you can decide to stop working with us whenever you like.
I received an upfront payment - can't remember what the licensing option was. Just interested to know if I can sell it to other sources while it is being marketed by Rumble? - Thank you
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